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Gold For Everyone And Around The World

Karatbars International is a German company specialized in the sale of gold bullion's investment of a purity of 999.9/1000, the highest purity of 24-caratgold, and only works with producers who have certification of the LBMA.

By which small gold ingots?

The money affects our daily lives. Who has money, always wants something more. Someone who has money wants to secure it and protect it. But, how? Explore the secret of the rich. Gold is known for 2,600 years, and is recognized as a form of payment in 194 countries around the world, you can buy Karatbars gold from just 50 euros a month, or since only 1 gram per month.

Why change your money for gold?

Ingots of monetary gold, and small units are unique and best insurance if something unexpected happens in our lives. Monetary gold ingots not devalue it. It can never lose its value. They are the best way to ensure the value of the personal and family heritage.

Small units of monetary gold ingots, may be easily changed, gradually other securities or property, which is impossible with large units.

Karatbars refineries have the best certificates in the world for your safety. Gold ingots are embedded in a card with the form of a credit card, giving an added recognition. In the back they have a hologram of security and exclusivity.

Although goal cards in boiling water, nail them something or expose them to the elements of nature, the certificate remains in its original form. In addition, you will receive the warranty and lifetime rights to change your card with gold Karatbars, in the rare case that the certificate is abuse.

Ingots of gold in the smallest units guarantee...

obtain an absolute value.
stability and safety in case of something happening.
gain added, compared with the paper money, and its permanent devaluation; the gold bullion do not suffer from inflation.
always have value and real monetary money in 194 countries around the world.
a crisis-free investment. And exempt from VAT.
maintain their value. Does not corrode the gold and the gold remains with its beautiful shine for millennia.

All gold bullion Karatbars are:

 Pure gold of 999.9% / 24 carat of high quality.

 Certified and laminated with UV protection film.
 Stamped with a mark of value and recognized the LBMA good Delivery ...
 Each unit includes signature of our socios-productores and guarantee of authenticity...
 An exclusive hologram decorates the back of the bar which is used both as a security measure and for visual appeal.
 DNA genetic code of safety.

Karatbars gold offers stability, guarantee value and serve as a means of financial security in difficult economic times.

They can also be used as a method of payment and as a means of Exchange. And all this can be, since we have the recognition of the LBMA.

Even in times of severe financial and economic crisis, it is always important to buy small units of gold in order to ensure its future and that of his family.

Gold Karatbars guarantees security and peace of mind.

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Karatbars Gold Bullions

The vision of karatbars international

Gold used to be for the rich and the very rich, however, the vision of Karatbars is to make it available to the masses, for the whole world, that is available to the men and women of the street.

Karatbars gold is not available in large ingots, but in units that can be removed and transported more easily than large bars.

Karatbars gold is gold investment that is embedded in cards that act as certificate of gold with denotations of 1, 2.5 and 5 real grams, the card is its quality certification, gold is of a purity of 999.9 24 K.

Karatbars International offers several options to buy gold, one of the main options and having more success among the company's clients is through an exceptional savings plan that anyone can create from just 50 euros a month of gold.

In addition, Karatbars International offers unique product lines, including elements for specialized collectors who remember special moments such as the birth of a baby, weddings, Easter, Christmas and birthdays. Karatbars has steadily expanded its product line using the highest standards in the industry for the production of gold.

Karatbars International also offers a line of gold cards of custom or limited edition private collection.

You will also reach the advertising market with its line of Branding Cards, fully customizable branded cards with embedded gold bullion and the latest evolution that has made the company is in the direction of the world of cosmetics and nutrition, all based on gold.

Otros Mercados

Karatbars International no deja de evolucionar y por esta razón está entrando en nuevos mercados, mercados realmente punteros en el mundo.

Si nos ponemos a analizar los sectores que más están creciendo en todo el mundo podremos observar que los que más crecimiento están experimentando son el sector del bienestar, el sector de la belleza y el sector de la moda.

Por esta razón Karatbars International ha entrado en estos 3 inmensos sectores presentando productos realmente revolucionarios entre los que podemos encontrar productos de control de peso, cosmética de altísima calidad con oro y se está preparando su propia linea de moda con su propia marca.

Todo esto lo puede encontrar en la página web de Karatbars International en la sección Productos.

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