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The New Global Payments System

The goal of Senator Harald Seiz since he founded Karatbars International in 2011 has always been to bring gold to the world as a means of payment, in short, to return gold to its natural state, to be money.

That objective has kept it present until today, since in 2017 it has managed to realize its vision-objective, that gold is a currency of exchange.

For this, it has launched the CashGold Karatbars, a similium of gold-embossed ingots, which are used to pay for products and services in the shops affiliated with the worldwide network of businesses operating in the world as K-Exchange Centers.

Karatbars International, in addition, is preparing an APP by means of which it will be possible to make payments online in the purchases of products and services both ofline and online.

With the CasHGold, Karatbars International establishes a new independent and alternative means of payment and exchange that can be used in a manner compatible with all the currencies of the planet.

However, CashGold is not currency. It just looks similar to a bank note to ensure everyday practice as a means of payment. Its physical dimensions follow the format of modern articles generally accepted as payment. The support medium for gold ingots fits well into the wallet you usually use.

The appearance is similar to that of any currency note. The design of the coated sheet looks familiar and yet different from the traditional artwork of most common banknotes. Design specialists at Karatbars International used advanced frequency modulation detection technology to ensure accurate line outlines and critical color transitions in extraordinary quality and at the highest resolution possible.

Your entry into the CashGold world is quite simple. You can get a complete beginner set that contains all the CashGold ratings in one box.

The Best Security in the World

The CashGold offers the highest safety features comparable to those described by the European Technical and Scientific Center (ETSC).

Each CashGold is protected against counterfeiting due to the use of last generation visible and invisible security features, which are extremely difficult to copy.

CashGold karatbars - Karatpay

Security Features

The KINEGRAM using our CashGold safety element consists of a vector-based, not holographic, patented proprietary technology by Karatbars International GmbH. This allows the best and safer solutions for the safety of products (in cooperation with KURZ, a world leader in hot stamping and coating technology).

CashGold Value

The value of the CashGold can be verified at any time, anywhere in the world. Accepted accordingly, CashGold is used just like cash.

On the other hand, CashGold offers the user the opportunity to build a personal gold reserve as a manageable tool of wealth creation.

It comes in 4 different gold weight values: 0.1 g, 0.2 g, 0.4 g and 0.6 g.

The denomination may seem a bit unusual at first glance. However, it allows you to generate any numeric value - in whole numbers - within the Decimal system. In the future, this feature will simplify and enhance convenience in daily use.

With CashGold, we can now offer you a modern, independent payment method that offers the same reliability as your family currency. Maybe even more.

Or you can buy each CashGold denomination separately. Available in packaged units of 6 x 0.1 g, 3 x 0.2 g, 3 x 0.4 g or 2 x 0.6 g.

Diffractive black

The logo and design elements indicated appear dark in contrast in almost all display positions.

By tilting the TRUSTSEAL safety device around the horizontal axis and viewing the specimen at an oblique angle, the design elements appear in a bright blue-green color.

Nanotext (TRUSTSEAL, mate)

The text "TRUSTSEAL" appears in the field, which appears gray and colorless in the central display position, with letters of ~ 75 microns (~ 0.075 mm) in height. This additional security feature can be verified using a magnifying glass (min. 8x) or a microscope.

Color Movement

When tilting the CashGold around the vertical axis, resp. From left to right, you can see a movement of color in the indicated area.

Latent Contrast

This effect is superimposed on all TRUSTSEAL design in a background independent.

When TRUSTSEAL design is inclined strong forward, Star and bird images appear bright against a dark background.

When TRUSTSEAL in oblique position is turned 90 °, the contrast will move; The Fund now appears bright star and bird images are dark.

About karatbars

Karatbars success can be attributed to an efficient team of professionals with experience of working tirelessly to achieve a common goal:

"Make available around the World Gold in quantities small affordable".

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Karatbars International is becoming a real hurricane around the world to which the grades of all direct sales leaders worldwide are engaging.

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Start saving in gold today

Karatbars international has been helping customers in 120 countries save in gold over the past six years. No other company's gold sales can offer 24-karat gold with bullion of 1 gram 999.9 purity, 2.5 gram or 5 grams with the same features at a better price.

Main features of create a savings account in gold.

You can create your own free account.

You don't need to do a minimum order quantity of gold to create your account.

You can buy from just 1 gram of gold.

You do not have obligations of subscriptions if monthly mandatory nedidos.

Gold purity of 24 k gold of 999.9 thousandths of purity.

Gold purchases are private.

All the gold in Karatbars has its own certificate.

All Karatbars International Gold comes with its own security hologram.

All the gold that subastece Karatbars International comes from refinery certified by the LBMA.

All ingots of gold that subastece Karatbars International has its own serial number.

Karatbars International offers free storage service.
Gold deliveries are made through Fedex, security.

All the gold in Karatbars International has DNA.

All customers and members have the option of repurchase.

DNA system

Karatbars ADN
This security system is based on a detector that verifies by means of a DNA security reader if the gold ingot that contains the card comes from Karatbars International or not.

This is the most advanced security measure that exists today.


Karatbars International has placed itself at the forefront in safety measures throughout the sector selling pure physical gold.

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