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Protect your future with pure 24 carat gold

Gold is money and money is a type of change. Therefore gold is a form of exchange rate, and it is accepted in 194 countries. all over the world. Increasingly, people who discover the importance of protecting their heritage with gold. We have to be very clear that without the gold, there would be no money, because when it began to trade in the world, gold was the currency of Exchange, reached a moment in which gold, deposited in banks and was obtained to change a test as I receive for the amount of the deposit made. These were the first bank notes (bills) officers in the world.

Thus was born the bank notes or the notes, as they are known today.

Banks gained quick recognition, so much so that the bank notes for gold deposited were playing an increasingly important role in society, and soon led to that first official banknotes were deposited with the gold.

Today, the world has no money, whose value is backed by gold. Well, money papers, (fiat paper), the only type of change that has no real value.

But all is not lost, is implantandose around the world a new payment system that uses pure gold as currency, in addition to giving us the great opportunity to be able to protect our savings in the banking system with pure 24 K gold. In addition, the most striking of all is to offer us the opportunity to take a large slice of this big cake in affiliates of the company thus. This is an opportunity unmatched worldwide

Company Karatbars

Karatbars Company
The headquarters and logistics of the Enterprise Center are located in Stuttgart. It is responsible for the support, marketing, communication with customer and partner, execution and delivery of orders. The Headquarters also coordinates the lanzameinto of new countries throughout Europe.


Karatpay -CashGold

KaratPay - CashGold

The alternative to online payments is Karatpay, the new global system of payments and collections with pure gold. Gold to been used for over 5000 years as currency, even until 1973 the money was backed by gold. In 1973 the paper money left to have real value. Today everything started to change and you can take advantage.


Other products

Other productos Karatbars

In addition to the new payment system offered by Karatbars International, the company also offers other truly spectacular product ranges, with which to save on gold is done in a totally different and above all, highly safe. Click on the more button to discover the world Karatbars ..


“ Gold Will Be An Element Of The 21st Century International Monetary System’’

 Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize in Economics 1999.